DRC : July 3rd Change your lifestyle with sustainability, Say no to plastic bags!

World Plastic Bag Free Day. In the DRC, there is still no implementation of the decree prohibiting the production of plastic packaging. Studies show that plastic poses a permanent threat to society.

In Africa, and particularly in the DRC, plastic packaging used for beverages is the primary form of pollution. On the occasion of World Plastic Bag Free Day celebrated every July 3rd, humanity is made aware of the harmful impacts of plastic bags on the environment.

Plastic is a major source of pollution and poses a risk to biodiversity. In addition to being highly non-biodegradable, plastic bags quickly disperse into seas and nature.

In the DRC, to combat the use of plastic bags and other packaging in Kinshasa, the former governor of the city, Gentiny Ngobila, signed a circular note on January 21, 2021, prohibiting the production, importation, marketing, and use of plastic bags and other packaging. This decision follows decree number 17/018 signed in 2017 by the Prime Minister, prohibiting the production, importation, marketing, and use of plastic bags and other packaging in the DRC. A measure welcomed by environmentalists and NGOs.

On the occasion of this year’s 2024 celebration, the government and its partners are called upon to find alternative solutions to support this measure by the provincial executive, as plastic bags are the cause of several environmental issues, including flooding, soil destruction, erosion, dirt, and many other problems.

Plastic bags have become a major issue for ecosystems. Their lightweight nature allows them to be easily carried by the wind, thus reaching rivers and oceans. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose. They break down into microplastics, entering the food chain and posing a serious danger to wildlife and flora.

The impact of this day promotes environmental awareness and education. States are called upon to encourage the emergence of a market for sustainable alternatives and to encourage innovation among businesses.

The opinions of several residents of Kinshasa interviewed by kilalopress.net on the use of plastic bags practically align in the same direction.

It is time to take action.

By Cedric MUTEYA

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