Kinshasa : Deputy Néné Maizana Mopoko Refutes Allegations of Carbon Credit Sale in Bolomba

Deputy Néné Maizana Mopoko has vehemently denied accusations of selling carbon credits in Bolomba, reaffirming her unwavering commitment to environmental integrity.

She firmly rebutted persistent rumors alleging her involvement in the sale of carbon credits from the forests of Bolomba, her electoral constituency in the Équateur province.

During a meeting held on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 in Kinshasa with young people from Bolomba, she reiterated her dedication to environmental protection and the interests of her constituents.

Ms. Néné Maizana categorically denied any involvement in carbon credit transactions, emphasizing that no conservation concession or protected forest exists in Bolomba for such an initiative.

“It is imperative today to clarify to the Bolomba community that there has been no attempt to sell carbon credits to their detriment,” she declared. She also clarified that all carbon credit procedures involve the government and cannot be undertaken individually.

As a climate negotiator and framework at the Center for Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Development (CTIDD), and a member of the Renewed Climate REED+ Task Force (GTCRR), Néné Maizana has committed herself to protecting the interests of the local communities who elected her. She called for the trust of the Bolomba population, assuring them that she would never allow the sale of natural resources belonging to current and future generations.

“We have not sold the forests of Bolomba or any community reserve in this region,” she added, putting an end to recent speculations. Her statement aims to restore trust and clarify the transparent and integrity-driven stance she maintains in public affairs.

Deputy Néné Maizana Mopoko reiterated her commitment to work for the well-being and sustainable development of her constituency, emphasizing that she will continue to defend the rights and resources of local communities with determination and responsibility.

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