Maniema: Namoya Mining Society, 54 Months of Unpaid Wages, the New Feat to Applaud in Congolese Social Order

In the Maniema province of the DRC, a shocking case is shaking the mining sector. Employees of Namoya Mining SAU, represented by their union, have spoken out after years of enforced silence. They vehemently demand payment for 54 months of unpaid salaries, highlighting a blatant violation of their fundamental rights.

Since July 1, 2024, a letter circulating in local media reveals the extent of injustice faced by Namoya Mining SAU workers. This mining company, managed by Strategos Mining and Exploration SAU, is accused of failing to honor its contractual commitments since April 2023. Previous negotiations in April 2024 failed to reach a satisfactory resolution for employees, who are now compelled to publicly demand what is rightfully theirs.

The demands are clear and non-negotiable: payment for 54 months of unpaid salaries as per individual employment contracts. Additionally, workers demand settlement for 39 months of medical care allowances, an essential benefit unfulfilled by the employer.

The workers’ situation is critical, with many facing extreme financial distress, affecting not only their own well-being but also that of their dependent families. The prolonged non-payment of salaries and medical allowances not only violates national law but also international labor standards, posing a fundamental human rights challenge.

Faced with this social tragedy, workers have made a desperate plea to the Congolese state and the International Labour Organization (ILO) for immediate intervention. They demand urgent action to hold Namoya Mining SAU accountable and ensure it honors its obligations to employees. Swift action is necessary to prevent an imminent humanitarian crisis among already marginalized workers.

This scandal exposes deep flaws in the regulatory and worker rights protection systems in the DRC. The plight of Namoya Mining SAU workers sadly mirrors broader issues in the Congolese mining sector, where abuses and human rights violations persist without real consequences for those responsible.

Observers contacted by kilalopress expressed hope that provincial Congolese authorities would urgently take concrete measures to ensure justice for these oppressed workers. The state must exert its authority to end this unacceptable exploitation and ensure that all companies operating in the DRC adhere to basic labor rights standards.

At this crucial juncture, the world watches the response of Congolese authorities. The question remains: will they protect the fundamental rights of Congolese citizens, or allow injustice to continue in the name of profit?

By The Editorial Team

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