South Kivu : New Team Mobilizing Climate and Biodiversity Funds

A promising new initiative is underway in South Kivu with the establishment of the Basket Fund for Climate and Biodiversity. This ambitious project aims to mobilize crucial resources for combating climate change and preserving biodiversity in the region, following a sensitization workshop held on Friday, July 5th, which brought together various private sector stakeholders.

Heading this initiative is a dedicated coordination team tasked with overseeing the transparent collection and management of funds. Comprising entities such as the presidency for strategic direction, fund coordination for financial management, and a technical secretariat for scientific support, this structure aims to ensure effective and responsible management of the mobilized resources.

Key stakeholders include the provincial government for regulatory framework, the private sector for financial resources and operational expertise, and civil society to represent the interests of local communities. Together, they will form an inclusive governance framework to align the actions of the Basket Fund with global sustainable development goals.

The inaugural workshop not only raised awareness about the urgency of collective action but also underscored the importance of aligning with international frameworks such as the Kunming-Montreal Agreement. This global framework provides a crucial roadmap for a green economy, promoting sustainable practices while preserving essential natural capital in the long term.

Challenges ahead include developing financing mechanisms tailored to local needs and encouraging sustained financial commitment from the private sector. For Honoré Malingane, Provincial Director of ICCN, strengthening local capacities and innovating in financing are imperative for the long-term success of this initiative.

The creation of the Basket Fund marks a significant step in combating climate change and biodiversity preservation in South Kivu. Its success hinges on active collaboration among all stakeholders, from civil society to local authorities, and the dynamic engagement of the private sector. As highlighted by Josué Aruna, President of the Environmental and Agro-Rural Civil Society of Congo, the time has come to translate commitments into concrete actions to ensure a sustainable future for all.

by The Editorial Team

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