Maniema: Kindu’s Engaged Youth Takes the Future of the Planet into Their Hands

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, a conference of significant importance took place at the heart of Kindu. Organized by Natural African Consulting (NAFRIC), in consortium with the Direction of Lomami Park, the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN), and the Geological Society of Frankfurt, this meeting galvanized the youth around a crucial cause: environmental protection.

Within the confines of the Mapon City amphitheater, several young people gathered to exchange ideas and be sensitized to the urgency of protecting our planet. Under the guidance of eminent experts, seven essential themes were addressed. Among the speakers, Professor Jimmy Kelenga Kaunde, Rector of Mapon University, highlighted the issue of mining exploitation on our environment. Meanwhile, Mathieux Mirambo, in charge of monitoring and restoration at Lomami Park, outlined human action on our ecosystem and its resulting consequences. Romain Kyadongerhe, Principal Conservator and Deputy Chief of the Lomami National Park site, underscored the crucial role of the ICCN in ecosystem restoration. In parallel, the fight against wildlife crime in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was analyzed, offering insight into the future of emblematic species such as parrots.

At the conclusion of this scientific day, coinciding with the International Day of the Environment, Romain Kyadongerhe, Deputy Director of ICCN PNL, issued a passionate call to the youth of Maniema. His strong message emphasized involvement and research, highlighting the need to take concrete action to restore and preserve our land and nature.

Engineer Koko Bisimwa, permanent director of Natural African Consulting, also encouraged the young attendees to put their acquired knowledge into practice and disseminate it. For him, bringing together the student youth of Kindu was crucial to raising awareness of the behavioral changes necessary to face environmental challenges.

Participants unanimously praised the organization of this scientific conference, expressing the hope to see such initiatives multiply. For Daniel Mikiti, an engaged participant, this event holds crucial importance for the sustainable management of ecosystems, particularly for those living around the PNL. Louise Mpala, a young student, also testified to her awakening during this conference, now understanding the direct impact of nature preservation on our lives.

Through this memorable conference, one thing is clear: Kindu’s youth is ready to take the reins of environmental protection. Together, they will forge a sustainable future for the planet, transforming theoretical knowledge into concrete actions.

By Franck Zongwe Lukama

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